Diagnostic Services

Primary and Urgent Care Services in Elk Grove

The medical staff at Reddy Urgent Care are here to provide excellent Elk Grove medical services to the communities of Elk Grove, Yuba City, Jackson and the greater Sacramento area.  We have a full array of diagnostic services from X-ray and radiology, EKG and audiology to urine analysis, hemoccult and other blood tests.  Whatever reason you need an Elk Grove diagnostic services provider, we are here to help.  Doctor Reddy is very knowledgeable in family medicine and is dedicated to helping her patients get healthy and happy in a timely manner.  Having a doctor skilled in diagnosis can make a big difference in recovery time as well as prevention of illness or a variety of physical ailments.  See us for any of the following or other diagnostic service needs:

• X-Rays
• Lab Tests
• Urine Analysis
• Pregnancy Test
• Audiometry
• Radiology
• Blood Test
• Hemoccult
• STD Tests / STD Screening
• Drug Test
• Glucose Test
• And Many Others

Why Seek Diagnostic Services in Elk Grove?
It is very important to follow up with an Elk Grove diagnostic services provider if anything needs to be further looked into after a routine physical or to determine the cause of a pain or ailment.  With the help of today's diagnostic tools, it is possible to reduce or eliminate aches or pains due to a sports injury (old or new), fall or accident.  Careful diagnosis also can help prevent an illness, infection or pain from developing or worsening depending on the specific circumstances.  For example, a diagnostic test done early for what may be a cancerous growth may save your life!  We want to keep you thriving in life and being able to provide personalized quality diagnostic services helps us do just that.

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