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Being overweight can lead to a number of other health issues.   If you are tired of trying diet after diet which gives no lasting results, see what an Elk Grove weight management program at our healthcare center may be able to do for you.  We are dedicated to helping patients live longer, happier lives!

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Weight Management

Elk Grove Weight Management Program
Many people who come to us for our weight management program have tried many diet and exercise programs which failed them.  We understand how frustrating trying to lose weight can be.  That is why we develop an individualized program for each patient.  Everyone's body is different and it is important to figure out what will work for you personally.  With regular appointments we will evaluate your progress and make adjustments as necessary using medical information-no fad diets or impossible exercises requiring expensive machinery.  Through education, sensible eating plans and exercise we help you every step of the way in getting to your weight loss goal.


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Elk Grove Weight Management and Primary Care Provider

Weight loss is a very common health issue.  At Reddy Urgent Care, an Elk Grove medical service provider has helped patients live healthier lives through our weight management program.  Getting to a healthier weight is an important and worthwhile goal for many reasons.  Many patients have found that their self-esteem is greatly improved, they are happier and feel more energetic and healthy.  If you or someone you love would like help reaching a healthy weight, Doctor Reddy and our dedicated staff may be able to help make that a reality.  When it comes to family medicine, primary care or urgent care, patients know they can count on us to take care of their health needs.